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Seated from left: Justice Marla Luckert, Chief Justice Lawton Nuss, and Justice Carol Beier. Standing from left: Justice Dan Biles, Justice Eric Rosen, Justice Lee Johnson*, and Justice Caleb Stegall. *Chief Judge Jeff Goering of the 18th Judicial District will sit in for Justice Johnson, who is retiring September 8.

Supreme Court Traveling Docket

6:30 p.m. Monday, October 7, 2019, El Dorado High School

The Kansas Supreme Court is heading to El Dorado High School in El Dorado as part of its ongoing outreach to familiarize Kansans with the high court, its work, and the overall role of the Kansas judiciary.

It will be the Supreme Court's first visit to El Dorado in the court's 158-year history, and it will be the 11th time the court will hear cases in the evening.

Oral Argument and Public Reception

The public is invited to attend the special session to hear oral arguments in person. Court will be in session from 6:30 p.m. to about 8 p.m. Monday, October 7, 2019, in the auditorium of El Dorado High School, 401 McCollum Rd., El Dorado.

The public is invited to observe the proceedings as the court hears oral arguments in two cases. After the session concludes, the justices will greet the public in an informal reception in the commons outside the auditorium.

Quiet, Please

Talking during oral arguments is prohibited. If you arrive after proceedings start, or you must leave the auditorium before it ends, be as quiet as possible entering and exiting the auditorium. Also, do not talk immediately outside the doors to the auditorium.

Security Screening

If you attend in person, plan to arrive early to allow time to get through security screening. Doors will open at 6 p.m. Follow these guidelines to make your check-in as quick and easy as possible:

  • Do not bring large bags, large purses, backpacks, computer cases, or briefcases.
  • Do not bring knives, pepper spray, firearms, or weapons.
  • Do not bring electronic devices like laptop computers, handheld games, personal digital assistants, or tablets. If you have to carry a cell phone, it must be turned off or its ringer silenced, and it must be stored out of sight.
  • Do not bring food or drink.

Court and college staff will not be responsible for property left outside the auditorium.

Access Oral Arguments Online

If you can't attend in person, access a live webcast of the oral arguments by selecting Watch Supreme Court Live! on the judicial branch home page at www.kscourts.org. Another option is to access an archived recording of the proceedings at another time.

Cases on Docket

Cases to be heard will be announced about a month before the event. Summaries of the cases will be posted here, as will the briefs filed by the attorneys representing the parties.

Supreme Court Traveling Docket

In 2011, the Supreme Court convened outside its Topeka courtroom in the Kansas Judicial Center to mark the state's 150th anniversary. Its first stop was the historic Supreme Court courtroom in the Kansas Statehouse. From there, and through the end of 2011, the court conducted special sessions in Salina, Greensburg, and Wichita. Since then, the court has held special sessions as follows:

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