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NOTICE: Beginning June 25, 2018, all Kansas-licensed attorneys permitted to practice law under Rule 208(a) must electronically file documents in all case types in all state courts.


Supreme Court Rule 111: Form of Filing Generally
Supreme Court Rule 119: Fax Filing and Service by Fax
Supreme Court Rule 122: Electronic Filing and Transmission of District Court Documents

Kansas eCourt

The centralized case management system that is a core component of Kansas eCourt will allow all district and appellate case data to reside on a single web-based platform, transforming the way the state court system serves the people of Kansas.

8-16-19: Update on 8th and 21st judicial districts go-live

Supreme Court Rules 20-24

8th and 21st Judicial Districts to go-live August 5

Vision and Guiding Principles
Statewide Rollout Plan
News Release: Supreme Court announces rollout plan for statewide centralized case management system

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District Courts

2nd: Jackson, Jefferson, Pottawatomie and Wabaunsee counties (Administrative Order No. 1-2016)
3rd: Shawnee County (Case Number Conversion Table) all Civil cases shall be eFiled (Administrative Order 2017-102)
5th JD: Chase and Lyon counties (Administrative Order 2016-06)
6th: Bourbon, Linn and Miami counties (Administrative Order No. 2016-4)
7th: Douglas County (Administrative Order 14-16)
8th: Dickinson, Geary, Marion and Morris counties (Administrative Order No. 2016-2)
9th: Harvey and McPherson counties (Administrative Order No. 2017-1)
10th: Johnson County (has its own efiling system)
11th JD: Cherokee, Crawford and Labette (Administrative Order 154)
12th: Cloud, Jewell, Lincoln, Mitchell, Republic and Washington counties (Administrative Order No. 351)
14th: Chautauqua, Montgomery-Coffeyville and Montgomery-Independence (Administrative Order 2017-05)
15th: Cheyenne, Logan, Rawlins, Sheridan, Sherman, Thomas, and Wallace counties (Administrative Order No. 2016-1)
16th: Clark, Comanche, Ford, Gray, Kiowa and Meade counties
18th: Sedgwick County (Administrative Order 16-4 Amended)
19th: Cowley County (Administrative Order 2017-3)
20th: Barton, Ellsworth, Rice, Russell and Stafford counties (Administrative Order No 28)
21st: Clay and Riley counties (Administrative Order)
23rd: Ellis, Gove, Rooks and Trego counties (Administrative Order No. 15-12-2), (Revised Administrative Order No. 2016-1)
24th: Edwards, Hodgeman, Lane, Ness, Rush and Pawnee counties (Administrative Order)
25th: Finney, Greeley, Hamilton, Kearny, Scott and Wichita counties (Administrative Order)
26th: Grant, Haskell, Morton, Seward, Stanton and Stevens counties (Administrative Order)
28th: Ottawa and Saline counties (Administrative Order No. 54)
29th: Wyandotte County (Service Option document, new Divorce filing ECT Order, Notice to Attorney filing Chapter 61 Cases)
31st: Allen, Neosho, Wilson and Woodson counties (Administrative Order No. 253)

Register To eFile

Before you register, watch tutorials on the Kansas Courts eFiling Training Videos page. Then, go to the Kansas Courts eFiling application, where you will select Request Account under the New User heading.

Before your account request is processed, you must read, accept, and agree to abide by the terms of use for Kansas Courts eFiling. The terms of use include a requirement that you follow technical standards set out in Supreme Court Administrative Order No. 268 for filing and transmitting electronic court documents.

Once your account is approved, you will receive an email that explains how to log in for the first time. The email will include several useful documents, including an explanation of rules and technical standards, and a list of documents currently accepted by Kansas Courts eFiling. If you have questions, or you experience problems with the registration process, email efilingadministrator@kscourts.org.

Johnson County District Court maintains an electronic filing system that is separate from Kansas Courts eFiling and you must contact the court directly to gain access to it. If you use the Johnson County eFiling system, be aware of service requirements identified in Supreme Court Administrative Order No. 268.


If you want training beyond what is offered in online tutorials, register to participate in a webinar through Kansas eFiling Training.


If you are an attorney with an existing efiling account and you need support, contact the helpdesk by calling 1-844-892-3721 (toll free), or emailing kansassupport@tybera.com. Telephone and email support are available 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays.



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District Court

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Appellate Court

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