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Using a grant from the State Justice Institute, the Kansas judicial branch contracted with the National Center for State Courts to study its job classifications and rates of compensation for both employees and district magistrate judges.

Appellate and District Court Classification and Compensation Study (executive summary)
Appellate and District Court Classification and Compensation Study
Magistrate Classification and Compensation Study

Salary Study Results for District Court (percent under market by classification)

Funding Request

The judicial branch used data from the two job classification and compensation studies to prepare a budget request that includes funding for market increases for all judicial branch employees and judges.

The request includes $20.3 million beyond the branch's base operating budget in fiscal year 2018 and $20.4 million in fiscal year 2019 to allow for making much needed market adjustments.

The funding will allow for:


Judicial branch funding — including pay increases and other enhancements — is included in two bills pending before the Kansas Legislature:

House Bill 2365
Senate Bill 190

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When Judicial Branch Employee Pay Stagnates


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11-18-16 Kansas judicial branch requests $20 million for salary increases

News Releases

11-18-17 Kansas judicial branch releases studies showing employee pay below market by up to 22 percent
11-18-17 Photographs of November 18, 2016, news conference