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Kansas Judicial Ethics Advisory Opinions

Although advisory opinions are often helpful and frequently relied on by the Commission on Judicial Conduct, an opinion is not binding on the Commission or the Kansas Supreme Court. Please see Rule 650(f) (2009 Kan. Ct. R. Annot. 725).

JE Opinions Nos. 1 - 55 were written under Supreme Court Rule 601.
JE Opinions No. 56 - 166 were written under Supreme Court Rule 601A.
Subsequent opinions issued after March 1, 2009, are governed by Supreme Court Rule 601B.

Advisory Opinion Annotations

Year Advisory Issued Opinion No. Topic
2017 JE 185 Whether a district judge may participate in a video to be created and used in a sibling's out-of-state campaign for Congress.
2015 JE 184 Whether a district judge may purchase a foreclosed, bank-owned property where the judge's involvement in the court proceedings was administrative; the proceedings were not contested; the case is closed; and the appeal time has expired.
2015 JE 183 Whether a judge may hear cases wherein one of the attorneys is also a county commissioner in the county where the case is being heard NOTE: The Commission is not bound by advisory opinions. The Commission on Judicial Qualifications respectfully disagrees with the Panel's conclusion in JE 183. "The standard to be applied to a charge of lack of impartiality is whether such charge is grounded on facts that would create reasonable doubt concerning the judge's impartiality... in the mind of a reasonable person with knowledge of all of the circumstances." State v. Griffen, 241 Kan. 68, Syl.5 (1987). It is the Commission's position that a determination of reasonable doubt concerning a judge's impartiality must be made on a case-by-case basis. Solely because an attorney appearing in court is a county commissioner for that county does not create a reasonable doubt concerning the judge's impartiality. Note Added 10/20/15
2015 JE 182 Whether a judge, who regularly presides over protection from abuse cases, may serve as a member of an organization whose purpose is to prevent and eliminate sexual and domestic violence through a statewide network of programs
2014 JE 181 Whether a district judge may accept a nomination as the chairperson of a professional liability screening panel
2014 JE 180 Whether a Kansas judge may write a short column for a local for-profit newspaper under the heading of "Judge's Corner."
2014 JE 179 A district judge in a partisan election judicial district is retiring, and the judge's child is a candidate for the judge's position. Six questions posed by the judge on what extent the judge may be involved in the child's campaign.
2013 JE 178 Whether a district judge, who presides over the juvenile division, can establish and supervise a citizen review board funded by grants provided by the Kansas Department for Children and Families to address the issue of truancy.
2012 JE 177 Whether a newly elected judge in a partisan district may continue to be the color commentator on radio broadcasts for home games for a state university and whether the compensation being paid is reasonable.
2012 JE 176 Questions posed by a newly appointed district judge regarding continued service with a county fire district.
2012 JE 175 Whether a part-time municipal judge may continue to work for a law firm that collects municipal court debts, under a K.S.A. 12-4119 contract, where the judge would preside.
2012 JE 174 A judge and the judge's spouse are licensed foster care parents with the State of Kansas. The judge routinely handles a portion of the Child in Need of Care cases in the judicial district where the judge serves. The judge poses three questions concerning continued foster care placements.
2012 JE 173 Whether a judicial candidate may continue to own and operate an outpatient substance abuse facility and offer substance abuse assessments and treatment if elected judge.
2012 JE 172 A judge, who presides in a multi-judge judicial district, has a child who has recently become an associate/employee of a law firm involved in the general practice of law. The judge asks whether lawyers in the firm may practice before the judge and whether a remittal of disqualification obtained under Rule 2.11(C) would allow the judge to hear cases involving other lawyers in the firm if a conflict does exist.
2011 JE 171 A judge poses four questions concerning leasing space to attorneys or law
firms who practice and appear in the judge's metropolitan district.
2010 JE 170 Whether a judge can give a one to two hour presentation on appellate
procedure as part of a program entitled "Civil Procedure: A View from
the Bench," presented by a for-profit organization that sponsors seminars
throughout the United States.
2009 JE 169 Whether a judge can attend a forum, partially funded by the Transparency and Integrity Fund of the Open Society Institute and the League of Women Voters Education Fund, on diversity in the Kansas judiciary.
2009 JE 168 Attendance of a judge at a presentation by the DUI Victims Center of Kansas whose purpose is to offer services to DUI victims, reduce the traumatic effects DUI incidents have on victims and their families, and to increase the awareness of the danger and human consequences of a DUI.
2009 JE 167 Whether a lawyer who is in partnership with the judge's spouse may appear before the judge.
2008 JE 166 A judge's spouse has and will incur substantial medical expenses. A fund has or will be established with a local bank for the benefit of the judge's spouse which will apparently qualify donors to deduct contributions for income tax purposes as charitable contributions. A judge asks two questions: (1) Whether a judge may ask fellow judges to contribute to this cause, and (2) can the fund accept contributions from lawyers who may appear before the judge in the future?
2008 JE 165 A judge joining a class action lawsuit as a named plaintiff.
2008 JE 164 Whether a judge can ethically hear cases involving a county attorney's office in the judge's district if the judge's spouse is employed as a non-lawyer support staff member of that office.
2008 JE 163 A judge submitting a letter to the editor of a newspaper discussing issues regarding the criminal code in response to an editorial.
2008 JE 162 Whether an active reserve deputy sheriff may be appointed as a municipal court judge of a city located in the county in which the deputy serves.
2008 JE 161 A judge providing an affidavit regarding interpretation of a journal entry in a case where he served as Plaintiff's counsel, prior to becoming a judge.
2008 JE 160 A judge serving as the director of a county disaster agency.
2007 JE 159 Permission to use a judge's photograph in a newspaper advertisement that would identify the judge as a graduate of the university and the judge's position.
2007 JE 158 Judges and retired judges participating in educational efforts regarding nonpartisan selection of district judges that would include speaking at functions during which a brochure will be distributed that contains a request for financial contribution.
2007 JE 157 A judge becoming a member of a group comprised of representatives of various agencies and offices in the state who have a role in Offender Registration laws.
2007 JE 156 A retired district judge, who accepts occasional assignments, assisting with a criminal jury trial.
2007 JE 155 A judge inquires as to whether the judge and spouse may accept an invitation from a former law partner and spouse to stay in their Colorado condo for about a week.
2007 JE 154 A judge inquires whether he may serve on the Board of Trustees of the Kansas Bar Foundation so long as he does not solicit funds or offer legal advice.
2007 JE 153 A chief district judge assigning a district magistrate judge to mediate domestic cases as part of the judge's judicial duties and the district magistrate judge conducting the mediations.
2007 JE 152 A judge serving on an Alumni Association Board of Directors.
2007 JE 151 A judge participating as a player and/or auctioneer in his or her country club's fundraising member guest tournament.
2007 JE 150 A judge becoming a member of a committee formed by a school district to formulate a student drug testing policy.
2006 JE 149 A judge serving as a commissioner for the Department of Wildlife and Parks.
2006 JE 148 A judge responding to a request for an opinion as to a local lawyer's legal ability and general ethical standards.
2006 JE 147 A judge being inducted, at a dinner, into a hall of fame with proceeds raised from the dinner to help fund the education of youth through innovative programs offered by a charity.
2006 JE 146 Judges of a judicial district hosting a dinner at their personal expense for state representatives and county commissioners.
2006 JE 145 A judge lending a photograph and a short biography to an organization as a depiction of a positive role model.
2006 JE 144 Prior to becoming a judge, the judge and another lawyer engaged in the private practice of law separately as sole practitioners in a building owned by the judge's spouse. A judge's spouse continuing a business relationship and lease transaction with the other lawyer who will frequently be appearing before the judge.
2006 JE 143 A judge making donations to organizations designated as 501c(3) and 501c(4) corporations under the Internal Revenue Code.
2006 JE 142 A judge encouraging voters to approve a bond issue which will finance the construction of a new jail in the judge's district. The issue will be submitted to the electorate by ballot for approval.
2006 JE 141 A sitting judge applying for nomination as district judge in a non-partisan district asking an attorney (who has or may appear before the judge) to submit a letter of support. NOTE: The Commission on Judicial Qualifications respectfully disagrees with the Panel's conclusion in JE 141. Canon 5B(2)(a)(ii) states that a candidate for appointment to judicial office may "seek support or endorsement for the appointment from organizations that regularly make recommendations for reappointment or appointment to the office, and from individuals to the extent requested or required by those specified in Section 5B(2)(a) . . . ." The Commission is not bound by advisory opinions.
2006 JE 140 A judge being recognized by the naming of two volunteer awards in his or her honor.
2006 JE 139 A candidate for district judge responding to a Kansas Judicial Watch questionnaire. NOTE: The Commission on Judicial Qualifications respectfully rejects the Panel's conclusion in JE-139. Under Republican Party of Minnesota v. White, 536 U.S. 765, 122 S.Ct 2528, 153 L.Ed.2d 694 (2002), judges and judicial candidates are allowed to publicly announce their views on legal, political, or other issues. The Commission is not bound by advisory opinions.
2006 JE 138 A judge attending a symposium sponsored by the National Foundation for Judicial Excellence who would pay all costs of the judge's attendance, including tuition, accomodations and travel.
2006 JE 137 A judge contributing to Kansans for Simple Justice, a coalition formed to educate the Legislature as well as Kansas citizens about the advantages of our current merit-based judicial selection system.
2006 JE 136 A judge (in a multi-judge district) accepting assignment to the criminal docket when the judge and the judge's spouse own real estate which is subject to a long-term lease to the Department of Corrections with said property being occupied by the Office of State Parole.
2005 JE 135 A magistrate judge bidding at public auction and possibly buying a tract of land being sold at Sheriff's sale as the result of a foreclosure action.
2005 JE 134 A judge working as a volunteer at a concession stand at a sporting event in which teams from the judge's children's school participate.
2005 JE 133 A judge selling a number of law books, acquired during the judge's practice of law and prior to appointment or election to the bench.
2005 JE 132 A judge contributing to the Kansans for Impartial Courts Committee of the Kansas Appleseed Center for Law and Justice.
2005 JE 131 Judge attending open houses sponsored by law firms at which hors d'oeuvres and beverages will be provided and accepting an invitation to attend Trial Lawyers Golf & Poker Invitational sponsored by a law firm.
2005 JE 130 A question of disqualification because impartiality might reasonably be questioned due to a pending suit against the judge.
2005 JE 129 Propriety of judges attending the Congressional Conference on Civil Education. The Kansas Department of Education recommends delegates attend the conference, and expenses are paid with funds appropriated by Congress.
2005 JE 128 A judge writing a letter of recommendation or a letter regarding the qualifications of a candidate to a committee formed to select a district magistrate judge.
2005 JE 127 Judge attending a conference sponsored by the National Foundation for Judicial Excellence who would pay for the judge's transportation, meals and lodging.
2005 JE 126 Judges attending a conference sponsored by the same executive agency as in JE 121 whose agents and employees frequently appear as witnesses before the Court. Judges and attorneys are invited to attend.
2005 JE 125 A judge appearing and speaking at zoning board and other governmental meetings appearing pro se on a matter of personal interest.
2004 JE 124 A judge, personally or by an agent, purchasing land at public auction from an estate presided over by the judge.
2004 JE 123 A part-time judge continuing to serve as a part-time judge if elected County Commissioner.
2004 JE 122 A judge in an elective district attending political gatherings and using a "calling tree" to campaign.
2004 JE 121 Judges attending a conference sponsored by an executive agency whose agents and employees frequently appear as witnesses before the Court.
2004 JE 120 A part-time municipal judge, serving as Register of Deeds, wanting to run for re-election or resign as part-time municipal judge to be appointed as a pro tempore, part-time judge during candidacy.
2004 JE 119 A judge attending a model court program with expenses paid by SRS.
2004 JE 118 A judge in an elective district e-mailing a campaign letter to members of the local bar.
2004 JE 117 A municipal judge in an elective district running for office of district magistrate judge and soliciting signatures on a nomination petition.
2004 JE 116 A spouse of a chief judge serving as district magistrate judge in the same judicial district.
2003 JE 115 A re-election committee of a district judge serving in an elective district making campaign contributions.
2003 JE 114 A judge serving on an Advisory Committee of SRS regarding contracts for adoption and foster care privatization.
2003 JE 113 Candidate for appointment as municipal judge, whose brother is the local chief of police, recusing from cases.
2003 JE 112 Judges volunteering to cook and serve meals at a community soup kitchen sponsored by a local church and open to the public daily.
2003 JE 111 A judge serving on a screening panel which will interview candidates and forward names to the Governor for consideration to fill a vacancy in a judicial position in an elective district.
2002 JE 110 A part-time municipal judge serving as precinct committee member and contemplating a term as city council member if written in on the ballot and elected without his or her consent.
2002 JE 109 A judge in an elective district placing a "thank you" letter in the local newspaper.
2001 JE 108 A judge permitting a criminal defendant to make a charitable contribution in lieu of the statutory fine.
2001 JE 107 A district magistrate judge also serving as municipal judge on weekdays between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
2001 JE 106 A judicial candidate, subject to election, contributing to his or her political party.
2001 JE 105 A newly elected judge continuing as Honorary Vice Consul of another nation.
2001 JE 104 A district judge serving on the board of directors of the local United Way.
2000 JE 103 A judge providing a letter of recommendation for a former client seeking expungement of the charge in which the judge, then an attorney in private practice, represented him.
2000 JE 102 A district magistrate judge makes available to the media a written record of all cases coming before the judge. The log, compiled after the case is closed, consists of the defendant's name, the case number, the charge, the date of plea or trial, the sentence, and the name of the defense attorney.
2000 JE 101 A judicial candidate in an elective district submitting various reports of questionable accuracy to the news media regarding the opposing candidate.
2000 JE 100 A judge standing for retention, who has no active opposition, responding to a questionnaire from a local newspaper. NOTE: The Commission on Judicial Qualifications respectfully rejects the majority view and adopts the minority view expressed in JE 100.
2000 JE 99 A retired judge actively supporting a candidate for judicial office.
2000 JE 98 A district magistrate judge raises questions regarding his duties as a tribal judge and municipal judge.
2000 JE 97 A judge publishing an article about underage drinking of alcoholic beverages.
2000 JE 96 A judicial candidate's service on a governmental committee.
2000 JE 95 A judge's ownership interest in a building which houses members of the judge's former firm who practice in the judge's court.
2000 JE 94 A full-time judge's recusal in cases in which the judge's court reporter's husband, an attorney, or a member of his firm, appear in the judge's court.
1999 JE 93 A full-time judge's recusal in cases in which any member of the firm in which his former spouse's practice is involved.
1999 JE 92 A retired judge serving as an executor of the estate of a person to whom the judge is not related.
1999 JE 91 Substantial gift to local public school foundation to be used to honor a sitting judge.
1999 JE 90 A newly appointed judge completing a term on a local school board.
1999 JE 89 A part-time municipal judge serving as judge in a case in which the judge represented an adverse party more than a year ago in an unrelated civil case.
1999 JE 88 A part-time municipal court judge permitting a local non-profit group to use the telephone lines in his private law office to solicit contributions.
1999 JE 87 Judges appearing before local civic and religious groups to promote the passage of a sales tax for the construction of a new judicial center.
1999 JE 86 Questions raised by a person seeking appointment to municipal office.
1998 JE 85 A city, by charter ordinance, has established procedures for the appointment of its municipal judges and has submitted a proposed contract of employment, to be signed by each municipal judge. Questions arise regarding the contract.
1998 JE 84 A judge serving on a land purchase committee for the judge's church.
1998 JE 83 A candidate for district judge in an elective district serving as campaign treasurer. The candidate will not solicit or accept campaign contributions of any type.
1998 JE 82 A district judge attending a political reception for a fellow judge who is up for election and contributing to the fellow judge's campaign committee. The judge making the request is in the middle of a term and not up for election.
1998 JE 81 A judge in a multi-judge district purchasing a house from an estate in an arm's length transaction.
1998 JE 80 A judge serving as an officer of the Kansas Bar Association (KBA) and being a candidate for an office in the KBA in a contested election.
1998 JE 79 A judge responding to a notice from the Department of Corrections seeking "Official Comments" prior to a Kansas Parole Board hearing.
1997 JE 78 A judge serving as "celebrity chef" for a "silent auction" of the local chapter of a national charitable organization. [JE-78 vacates JE-76.] NOTE: The Commission on Judicial Qualifications expresses concern that JE-78 may not be valid under all factual circumstances and notes that the Commission is not bound by advisory opinions.
1997 JE 77 A judge serving as an elder of a church.
1997 JE 76 A judge serving as "celebrity chef" for a "silent auction" of the local chapter of a national charitable organization. [JE-76 was vacated by JE-78.]
1997 JE 75 Does the following situation pose an ethical problem for the judge? A law student will be living with the judge and his wife while serving as summer intern in the County Attorney's office in a multi-judge district. The student will not appear in the judge's court, except as an observer.
1997 JE 74 A judge serving as a panelist, without compensation, at an in-house CLE seminar.
1997 JE 73 A district judge serving as trustee for a community organization formed for the purpose of supporting action groups within the organization which aim to increase the quality of life for children and youth.
1997 JE 72 A municipal judge who is also an assistant county attorney serving as prosecutor in the same types of cases that the judge is assigned to hear as municipal judge.
1996 JE 71 A judge appointed guardian ad litem prior to taking the bench referring the minor's subsequent claim for personal injuries to a lawyer and claiming a "referral fee."
1996 JE 70 District Judge serving on a police department community advisory board, the purpose of which is "the advocacy of community policing" and to "improve police services."
1996 JE 69 Four questions are posed regarding Administrative Hearing Officers.
1996 JE 68 Questions posed by a judge-elect regarding campaign committee activity and questions regarding leaving the practice of law.
1996 JE 67 A judge serving as chairman, co-chairman, or as a member of the membership committee of the American Bar Association for the State of Kansas.
1996 JE 66 A candidate in an elective judicial district, subject to public election, running for District Judge and for Precinct Committee person at the same election.
1996 JE 65 A candidate for judicial office serving as his or her own campaign treasurer.
1996 JE 64 A candidate for the office of district judge in an elective judicial district who has held public office questions whether reference can be made to former public statements and publicly taken positions.
1996 JE 63 Is the position of Precinct Committeeman "an office in a political organization" within the meaning of 1995 Kan. Ct. R. Annot. 416, Canon 5A(1)(a)?
1996 JE 62 A judge in an elective judicial district is not a candidate this year. However, the judge's spouse, who belongs to a different political party than that of the judge, will be a candidate for a county office. Five questions posed by the judge are considered.
1996 JE 61 Spouse of a judge in a non-partisan district serving as campaign manager for a candidate for office in a congressional district.
1995 JE 60 District judge being appointed special administrator of a decedent's estate and thereafter as the executor, to serve temporarily pending the appointment of someone else.
1995 JE 59 District judge serving on an advisory committee to advise the Board of County Commissioners as to design options for a proposed justice center, which will include a jail, law enforcement, and judicial facility.
1995 JE 58 Are "substitute judges" for a particular court "pro tempore part-time judges," "periodic part-time judges," or "continuing part-time judges?"
1995 JE 57 "Continuing part-time judge" and a "Periodic part-time judge," as defined in the terminology section of the Rules Relating to Judicial Conduct, 256 Kansas Advance Sheets, No. 3, pp. vii, viii, continuing to practice law before the court upon which they serve.
1995 JE 56 Full-time municipal court judge serving as a member of the local board of education.
1995 JE 55 A judge's wife shares office space and office overhead with other attorneys. Must the judge recuse himself when the "other attorneys" appear before him? Subsequent opinions are governed by Rule 601A.
1995 JE 54 District Magistrate Judge serving as mediator in domestic relations cases.
1994 JE 53 Newly-appointed municipal judge conducting arraignments for trials, involving defendants whose case files were maintained in the City Attorney's office while the judge, prior to his appointment, was an assistant city attorney handling solely civil litigation.
1994 JE 52 District Magistrate Judge serving as director of a not for profit corporation created to administer a CASA program in the district.
1994 JE 51 Part-time judge as precinct committeeperson. Canon 7A(1)(a).
1994 JE 50 Judge as executor of estate of former legal secretary. Canon 5D.
1994 JE 49 Part-time city attorney serving as part-time municipal judge for a different city.
1994 JE 48 Judge, robed and in courtroom, as model for advertising purposes. Canon 2B.
1994 JE 47 Judge as member of non-profit corporation board of directors. Canon 5B.
1993 JE 46 City council member serving as part-time municipal judge in nearby community. Canons 5C(2), D, E, F, G; 6C; 7(A)(4).
1993 JE 45 Endorsement by judge of federal nominee. Canon 7A(1)(b).
1993 JE 44 Judge's participation in civic affairs. Canon 5B.
1993 JE 43 Newly-appointed judge presiding over case in which he had been representing a party.
1993 JE 42 Judge presiding at docket call wherein son or son's law firm represents a party. Canon 3C(1)(d)(i), (ii), (iii).
1993 JE 41 Whether settlement conference is arbitration or mediation. Canon 5E.
1992 JE 40 Propriety of judge's recommending nominees to appellate courts; distinguished from recommendation of candidates for public office. Canons 4 and 7.
1992 JE 39 Application of Code of Judicial Conduct to unsuccessful judicial candidates. Rule 601 and Canon 7.
1992 JE 38 Judge as member of Kansas Commission on Governmental Standards and Conduct. Kan. Const., art. 3, 13.
1992 JE 37 Judge's spouse as campaign manager in partisan county-wide election.
1991 JE 36 Listing of judge's name on for-profit legal publication's editorial advisory board. Canon 2B.
1990 JE 35 Judicial involvement in legislative appropriations to educational institutions. Canon 5B(2).
1990 JE 34 Political endorsement by judicial candidates in elective judicial district. Canon 7A(2) and A(3).
1990 JE 33 Use of judge's home for political reception. Canons 2 and 7A(1)(b).
1990 JE 32 Judge's business of writing and selling law-related computer programs. Canons 5C(1), (2), and 6(A).
1989 JE 31 Effect of judge's spouse's appointment to professional teacher negotiating team. Canon 2.
1989 JE 30 Remittal of disqualification because of relationship. Canons 3C(d)(i) and 3D.
1989 JE 29 Retired judge, elected to nonjudicial office, sitting pro tempore. Canon 7A(4) and Rule 601 compliance section C and B(1).
1989 JE 28 Municipal judge's compliance with code; serving as indigent defense counsel. Canons 5C(2), D, E, F, G and 6C; Rule 601 compliance section A.
1989 JE 27 Judge's endorsement of a candidate for public office. Canon 7A(1)(b).
1988 JE 26 Recusal due to relationship disqualification under Canon 3C(1)(d)(iv); procedure for remittal of such relationship under Canon 3D.
1988 JE 25 Judicial candidate's continuation as weekend pastor. Canon 5A and 5B(2).
1988 JE 24 Participation of judge, in nonpartisan judicial district, in political party's presidential caucus. Canon 7A(3)(b).
1987 JE 23 Judge as political party's precinct committeeman; "holding office." Canon 7A(1)(a); KSA 25-3801, -3802.
1987 JE 22 Judge's participation in medical/legal seminar at resort; degree of involvement/sponsorship. Canon 2B.
1987 JE 21 Propriety of newly-appointed district judge remaining as co-trustee of former client's revocable trust. Canon 5D.
1987 JE 20 Fundraising for non-profit organization by submitting to mock arrest and soliciting "bail money" from family and acquaintances. Canon 5B(2).
1987 JE 19 Involvement of judge in cases handled by judge's former law firm; effect of "blind trust" set up by judge to administer proceeds due him upon his leaving practice. Canons 2; 3C(1), (2), and (3); and 3D. Judge as stockholder and director of abstract and title company. Canon 5C(1), (2), and (3). Judge as holder of tenant in common interest in 36-acre strip-pit used for recreational and not income-producing purposes. Canon 5C(2).
1987 JE 18 Solicitation of funds from law school classmates to provide gift to law school; use of judicial stationery. Canon 5B(2).
1986 JE 17 Judge, legatee under father's will, acting as co-executor with mother and as attorney for executors. Canon 5D and Kan. Const. Art. 3, 13.
1986 JE 16 Solicitation of funds from charitable foundations by judge as member of board of directors of private, not-for-profit corporation "County Substance Abuse Services, Inc." Canon 5B(2).
1986 JE 15 Judge as investor in abstract company. Canon 5C(1), (2), and (3).
1985 JE 14 Judge as member of country club board of directors. Canon 5.
1985 JE 13 Attendance of judge's spouse at political gatherings; political contributions by judge's spouse from spouse's business income maintained in separate account.
1984 JE 12 Appearance of firm members before former partner, now district judge, who is also owner/landlord of firm's office building and son of former partner who is retired and receiving an annuity from the firm and whose name remains on firm letterhead. Canons 2B and 3C.
1984 JE 11 Appearance before or appointment of attorney/spouse by magistrate judge/spouse. Canon 2 and 3B(4). Preparation of tax returns by attorney who is newly-elected district magistrate judge. Canon 5F. Attorney's advice to clients upon being appointed to the bench; recommendation of spouse/attorney. Canon 2. Use of firm letterhead with name of attorney who is newly-appointed judge during interval before appointment is effective.
1984 JE 10 Participation in ABA's Network of Concerned Correspondents. Canon 5.
1984 JE 9 Appearance of attorney who is judge's daughter before other judges in district. Canon 3C.
1984 JE 8 Involvement of judge in fellow judge's campaign for office. Canon 7A(1)(b).
1984 JE 7 Receipt of award from special interest bar association. Canons 2 and 2A and S. Ct. Rule 650(d).
1984 JE 6 Involvement of members of the District Court Nominating Commission, the Supreme Court Nominating Commission, and the Commission on Judicial Qualifications in debate surrounding method for selection of district judges. S. Ct. Rule 650.
1984 JE 5A Solicitation of funds to support position on selection of district judges. Canons 4C, 5B(c), and 7B(2).
1984 JE 5 Judicial participation in debate surrounding the method for selection of district judges. Canons 4, 5, and 7.
1984 JE 4 Application of Canons to municipal court judges; resignation from judicial office upon candidacy for county attorney position. Canon 7A(3).
1984 JE 3 Participation of judge in spouse's political campaign for spouse's elective office.
1984 JE 2 Seeking election to different division than presently occupied in partisan, multi-division judicial district. Canons 2 and 7.
1984 JE 1 Soliciting funds for National Judges Education & Research Foundation, Inc.; judge's role as officer in such organization. Canon 5 and its Comment B(2).