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2016 Legal Institute on Adverse Childhood Experiences

7 Elements of Trauma-Informed Systems
2015 NCJFCJ Topical One-Pagers- Co-Occurrence Mistreatment and DV
2015 NCJFCJ Topical One-Pagers-Domestice Violence
AAP Statement on Toxic Stress
ABA, Child Safety- A Guide for Judges and Attorneys
About the CDC-Kaiser ACE Study _Child Maltreatment_Violence Prevention_Injury Center_CDC
ACE Report KS Adults 2014
ACEs and risk of adult depressive disorder
American Indian FamilyPreservation
Bartgis-Bigfoot The State of Best Practices in Indian Country (2)
Brownback signs overhaul of Juvenile Justice system
Campaign launched to reduce child abuse and trauma Kansas Health Institute
Caring for LGBTQ Children & Youth_ A Guide for Child Welfare Providers
Case Study- Joshua
Case Study- Sam
Case Study- Tommy
Child and Family Services Reviews Final Report for KS 2015
Child Welfare Fact Sheet KS
Child Witnesses to Domestic Violence (CIWG)
Culturally Specific Trauma-Informed Interventions (NCTSN)
Culture and Trauma Brief (NCTSN)
CWLA Best Practices LGBT Youth
Domestic Violence and Child Traumatic Stress (NCTSN)
Domestic Violence and its Role in Child Welfare
Domestic Violence and the Child Welfare System (CWIG)
Equity in Kansas Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice System Report to The Governor FAll 2009
Fact Sheet for CASAs and GALs (NCTSN)
Fact Sheet for Judges and Attorneys (NCTSN)
Fact Sheet-Birth Parents with Trauma Histories (NCTSN)
GAL Rules KS
Governor's Conference KS Trauma Part I
Governor's Conference KS Trauma Part II
Governor's Conference KS Trauma Part III
Governor's Conference KS Trauma Part IV
Governor's Conference KS Trauma Part V
Governor's Conference KS Trauma Part VI
ICWA and Child in Need of Care Practice in Kansas
Impact of Trauma on Child Development
Instability in Foster Care
Introduction to Juvenile Courts in KS
Johnson County judge_ Kansas agency conducted 'witch hunt' against lesbian foster parents _ The Kansas City Star
Juvenile Offenders and Victims_2014 report OJJDP
Kansas Common Agenda on ACEs
Kansas ruling protects tribal children
KBI DVStalking Rape 2014
KS' Children 2015
KS Juvenile Justice Workgroup Final Report 2015
LEAP on GALs and DV (DOJ)
National Coalition Against DV Kansas Stats
Native Americans Expose the Adoption Era and Repair Its Devastation - ICTMN
NCJFCJ Disproportionality Tech Assistance Bulletin
NCTSN DomViolenceFactSheet_final
NCTSN JudgeBenchCards_final
NICWA Addressing Trauma Testimony to SCIA_Nov2014
Organizational Journey to Cultural Competency Pt 1 (NCTSN)
Organizational Journey to Cultural Competency Pt 2 (NCTSN)
Organizational Journey to Cultural Competency Pt 3 (NCTSN)
Organizational Journey to Cultural Competency Pt 4 (NCTSN)
Origins of the Indian Child Welfare Act
Putting the Power of Self-Knowledge to Work - The New York Times
Relationship of Childhood Abuse and Household Dysfunction to Many of the Leading Causes of Death in Adults
Senator criticizes media coverage of LGBTQ foster
Seven Essential Elements (NCTSN)
Sexual Orientation, Parents, & Children
The Indian Child Welfare Act The need for a separate law
The Invisible Suitcase
The Poverty Clinic (Burke Harris)
Tiecher - Scars that Won't Heal
Toxic Stress in Children and Adolescents (Bucci et al 2016)
Trauma Bulletin for Judges (Ten Things)
Using Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Practice to Improve Permanency
Victimization and Juvenile Offending (NCTSN)