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This inquiry system should answer most status questions you have about your appeal. The information appearing is in real time. Any additional questions you have can be answered by calling the Clerk's Office at 785-296-3229 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. C.S.T. Monday through Friday, except court holidays.

Case Inquiry System for the Kansas Appellate Courts

ATTENTION: This site is down from approximately 10:00 p.m. C.S.T until 3:00 a.m. C.S.T., Monday through Friday every week for maintenance. Thank you

The Clerk of the Appellate Courts is clerk of both the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. The Clerk's Office dockets over 2,000 appeals and processes over 10,000 motions each year. Case events screens are continually updated as actions are taken by the litigants or the courts. The Clerk's Office handles the briefs filed by litigants and the opinions of the appellate courts. The Clerk's Office also orders the record prepared by the district court which is returned once the appeal concludes. At the conclusion of each appeal, this office is responsible for sending the litigants copies of the opinion. A mandate is issued to the district court, once sufficient time has passed, which returns jurisdiction to that court and closes the case at the appellate level.

Case number consists of a five or six digit, numeric only field and can be entered in part or in whole. Example: making an entry like 787 and pressing "Submit Query" will query the database and retrieve all data with a case number that contains 787 anywhere within the field, e.g., 78765 or 87872 or 88787. Please keep in mind that this field is not the district court case number but is our own internal case number. We hope to add a search feature for the district court case number in the future.

Case name consists of a 30 character, alphanumeric (numbers and/or characters) field that may be entered and searched in the same fashion as the case number field. By entering the name "Smith", for example, the database will be queried and data retrieved for records that contain the word "Smith" anywhere in our 700 character case caption field. Be mindful that, if you enter a search phrase, the phrase must be found somewhere within our file exactly as entered. For example, if you enter "Richard E. Smith," records for "Richard Smith" will not be retrieved. Likewise, "Richard Smith" will not retrieve "Richard E. Smith." Capitalization, or the lack thereof, will not affect the search. Cases involving juveniles as parties present unique search issues. You must know the exact case name in order to search, and the case name will usually include initials rather than names, e.g, R.E.S.

County name consists of a pull down box whereby you may select a county name to narrow party name search or to simply search by county.

You may search by just case number, just party, or just county name or you may use a combination of a party name along with a county name. Case number searches should not be used with the county name pull down box.

The earliest entry on the system is case number 64648, filed in January, 1990.

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Frequently Used Abbreviations
ADO - appellate defender
APLT/APLNT - appellant
APLE/APEE - appellee
APT - appointment
BRF/BR - brief
CC/CERT OF COMP (C OF C) - certificate of completion
CSR - certified shorthand reporter
DEM - demand
DC - district court
EOT - extension of time
LTR - letter
MOT/MTN - motion
ORD - order
OOT - out of time
PET REV - petition for review
REC'D - received
RPLY - reply
RSPNSE - response
SUPP - supplemental
TR - transcript
SCNOA - Summary Calendar No Oral Argument
X - Cross
TR. - transcriptionist
X-PET FOR REV - cross-petition for review

Appellate Case Inquiry System

The Appellate Case Inquiry System is down for maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your patience. We anticipate this outage will last through midnight November 01, 2014. Feel free to email appellateclerk@kscourts.org or call 785-296-3229 for assistance.