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Zambia Legal Professionals Visit Kansas Judicial Center

May 10, 2013

The International Visitors Council of Greater Kansas City working with State Department on a program which invited legal professionals from Zambia to the United States for a program on the rule of law and the administration of justice.

The goals of the project are to promote an understanding of the constitutional and philosophical commitment of an independent judiciary in the United States; examine the rule of law within the context of the U.S. federal system; State courts, highlight the independence of the U.S. judiciary and the means of guaranteeing that independence; and to provide an understanding of the role of the legal system in protecting the rights of citizens in a democracy, including civil and human rights.

In addition, the project will provide the participants with a comparison of the civil and criminal justice systems operating at the federal, state, and local levels; explore new technologies in court management and administration; expose the framework of the tribal court system; offer an overall understanding of the roles, conditions of service, appointing structure, and responsibilities of judges and administrators in the U.S. judicial system.