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Group from China Visits Kansas Judicial Center

March 11, 2014

The International Visitors Council of Greater Kansas City worked with the State Departmentís International Visitor Leadership Program to bring a delegation from the Peopleís Republic of China to Kansas to learn about intellectual property rights in the United States.

The delegation that visited the Kansas Judicial Branch on March 11, 2014, included officials who work in copyright management, internet enforcement, intellectual property, commerce and educational television.

The State Departmentís objectives for the project are to:

  • examine public and private sector responsibility for implementing and enforcing higher intellectual property standards;
  • focus on global benefits of intellectual property rights protection, the methods American governments, companies and judicial systems use to achieve it and the common standards of IPR protection;
  • give participants an appreciation for the rule of law in global trade and business communities;
  • examine major policy challenges posed by technology on intellectual property protection;
  • explore law enforcement efforts to regulate and enforce intellectual property rights.