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Kansas Supreme Court Archived Oral Arguments - September 2007

Listing of archived arguments from past sessions of the Kansas Supreme Court. Archived arguments will be available the week following live arguments.

  • September 4, 2007
    • 92544, State of Kansas v. Akira T. Brown
    • 94415, State of Kansas v. Marc Vincent Sappington
    • 94416, State of Kansas v. Marc Vincent Sappington, a/k/a Mark Sappington
    • 91466, State of Kansas v. Darrell L. Farmer
    • 96481, State of Kansas ex rel Paul Morrisson, Attorney General, v. David Martin Price, et al.
    • 96414, State of Kansas ex Rel. William Slusher Ralph Sorrell v. City of Leavenworth, Greg Bakian, Lee Doehring and Gary Ortiz
    • 83801, State of Kansas v. Gavin D. Scott
  • September 5, 2007
    • 94698, Kelly A. Finley v. Estate of Charles "Don" De Grazio, CRNA, Sam Simon, CRNA, Leslie M. Luinstra, M.D., and Terry L. Mills, M.D.
    • 94002, State of Kansas v. Donnie Ray Ventris
    • 94033, Thomas J. G. Martin v. Kansas Department of Revenue
    • 95482, Leo F. Schuyler v. Raymond "Ray" N. Roberts, Jr.
    • 94317, State of Kansas v. Mardoqueo Gutierrez
    • 94365, Alex L. Bellamy v. State of Kansas
    • 94831, State of Kansas v. Previn J. Araujo
    • 94429, Keith E. Barr v. State of Kansas
  • September 6, 2007
    • 97088, In the Matter of the Estate of Esther R. Broderick, Deceased
    • 94619, State of Kansas v. Thomas E. Murray
    • 95760, State of Kansas v. Billy . Scott
    • 95106, Garnet C. Tolen, JR v. State of Kansas
    • 96550, In the Matter of the Appeal of Weisgerber, James P., from an Order of the Divison fo Taxation on Assessment of Income Tax
    • 96606, Badr Idbeis, M.D., Gary S. Benton, M.D., Robert H. Fleming, M.D., and John D. Rumisek, M.D. v. Wichita Surgical Specialists, PA
    • 97131, Kansas Heart Hospital, LLC and Cardiac Health of Wichita, Inc. V. Badr Idbeis, M.D., et al.
  • September 7, 2007
    • 96610, Joseph Leo Guillory v. State of Kansas
    • 97139, Tod A. Pabst v. State of Kansas
    • 96970, Gabriel Robbins v. City of Wichita, Norman Williams and Other Unknown Police Officers of the Wichita Police Department
    • 98842, In the Matter of Dorsey Evans
    • 98056, In the Matter of Frederick M. Petzold
    • 98608, In the Matter of Keihl Rathbun
    • 98536, In the Matter of David R. Alig
    • 98538, In the Matter of Dennis D. Webb
    • 98537, In the Matter of Peter Joseph Antosh

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