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Kansas Supreme Court Justices

Supreme Court Justices

Seated left to right: Justice Marla J. Luckert; Chief Justice Lawton R. Nuss; Justice Carol A. Beier.
Standing left to right: Justice Dan Biles; Justice Eric S. Rosen; Justice Lee A. Johnson; Justice Caleb Stegall.

The Supreme Court is the highest court in Kansas. It consists of seven justices, each of whom is selected by the governor. The governor appoints from a list of three qualified individuals submitted by the Supreme Court Nominating Commission. After the first year in office, a justice is subject to a retention vote in the next general election. If a majority of electors vote to retain the justice, he or she remains in office for a term of six years. Justices are subject to a similar retention vote at the conclusion of each term.

The justice who is senior in terms of continuous service is designated by the Constitution as the chief justice, unless he or she declines or resigns the position. The chief justice exercises the administrative authority of the court.

Justices of the Supreme Court ordinarily do not conduct trials. They decide an appealed case by reading the record of the trial and written briefs filed by the parties, and hearing oral arguments of lawyers. They research and review the law involved in the case and then write an opinion which is usually published in bound volumes.

The following justices currently sit on the Kansas Supreme Court: