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Kansas Supreme Court Purpose and Authority

The Kansas Supreme Court sits in Topeka in the Kansas Judicial Center and is the state court of last resort. It hears direct appeals from the district courts in the most serious criminal cases and appeals in any case in which a statute has been held unconstitutional. It may review cases decided by the Court of Appeals, and may transfer cases from that court to the Supreme Court. It also has original jurisdiction in several types of cases.

The Supreme Court, by constitutional mandate, has general administrative authority over all Kansas courts. Its rules govern appellate practice in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals, and procedures in the district courts. Supreme Court rules also provide for the examination and admission of attorneys, set forth the code of professional responsibility which governs the conduct of attorneys, and include the canons of judicial ethics which govern the conduct of judges. Rules also provide for the examination and certification of official court reporters. The Supreme Court may discipline attorneys, judges and nonjudicial employees.

All of the nonjudicial employees of the Kansas court system are under a personnel plan adopted and administered by the Supreme Court. Personnel and payroll records of all court employees throughout the State are maintained in the Office of Judicial Administration. The Supreme Court adopts and submits to the Kansas Legislature an annual budget for the entire judicial branch of State government.