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The 4th Judicial District Small Claims Information


The purpose of small claims court is to provide an informal procedure for people to settle small legal disagreements and collections without an attorney. There are no attorneys allowed, unless an attorney is personally suing someone else or someone else is suing an attorney. In that case, the other party is notified that they have the right to have an attorney also, or they can proceed without an attorney. Each person involved in the suit will have the opportunity to go to court and present their side of the case to the District Magistrate Judge. Each side is also allowed to subpoena witnesses and present exhibits to help prove their case. Then, from the evidence provided by each party, the Judge rules on the case.

Procedures may vary from county to county in the state of Kansas. So you could check with the Clerk of the District Court office if you are contemplating filing a small claims case in another county.

Even though you may obtain judgment in Small Claims Court, the Court is not responsible for collections of the same. However, the Clerk of the District Court office will provide written instructions and form packets to assist you in doing garnishments for wages and/or bank accounts or you may obtain the forms from the Kansas Judicial Council website.

The job of the Clerk of the District Court personnel is to process cases. They cannot give you legal advice.

To find information about filing a case in small claims court in the Fourth Judicial District, visit the district's website.