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Rules Adopted by the Supreme Court

General and Administrative
Rule Title
1.01 Prefatory Rule
1.02 Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals
1.03 Judicial Administration
1.04 Prehearing Conference
1.05 Form of Filing Generally
1.06 Removal of Document from File
1.07 News Media Recordings
1.08 Fax Filing
1.09 Entry of Appearance/Withdrawal of Attorney
1.10 Admission Pro Hac Vice of Out-of-State Attorney Before the Kansas Appellate Courts
1.11 Service of Papers Generally
1.12 Signatures
1.13 Notarial Acts, Electronic Notarization, and Unsworn Declarations
1.14 Electronic Filing in the Appellate Courts of Kansas

Initiation and Docketing of Appeal
Rule Title
2.01 Form of Notice of Appeal, Supreme Court
2.02 Form of Notice of Appeal, Court of Appeals
2.03 Premature Notice of Appeal
2.04 Docketing an Appeal
2.041 Docketing Statement
2.042 Custodial Status of Defendant in Sentencing Appeal
2.05 Multiple Appeals
2.06 Consolidation of Appeals

Record on Appeal
Rule Title
3.01 Content of Record
3.02 Preparation of Record on Appeal for Filing
3.03 Transcript in Record on Appeal
3.04 Unavailability of Transcript or Exhibit
3.05 Appeal on Agreed Statement
3.06 Access to Record on Appeal
3.07 Transmission of Record on Appeal
3.08 Copy of Record on Appeal
3.09 Preparation of Record for United States Supreme Court

Interlocutory Appeals
Rule Title
4.01 Interlocutory Appeal in Civil Case Under K.S.A. 60-2102(c)
4.01A Interlocutory Appeal in Civil Case Under K.S.A. 60-223(f)
4.02 Interlocutory Appeal by Prosecution

Rule Title
5.01 Appellate Court Motion
5.02 Extension of Time
5.03 Clerk's Authority on Motion
5.04 Voluntary Dismissal
5.05 Involuntary Dismissal
5.051 Dismissal of Appeal by District Court
5.06 Release After Conviction

Rule Title
6.01 Time Schedule for Briefs
6.02 Content of Appellant's Brief
6.03 Content of Appellee's Brief
6.04 Content of Cross-Appellee's Brief
6.05 Reply Brief
6.06 Brief of Amicus Curiae
6.07 Format for Briefs
6.08 Reference Within Brief
6.09 Additional Authority
6.10 Brief in Criminal or Postconviction Case

Oral Argument, Decision, and Rehearing
Rule Title
7.01 Hearing in the Supreme Court
7.02 Hearing in the Court of Appeals
7.03 Decision of Appellate Court
7.04 Opinion of Appellate Court
7.041 Summary Disposition
7.041A Summary Disposition of Sentencing Appeal
7.042 Affirmance by Summary Opinion
7.043 Reference to Certain Persons
7.05 Rehearing or Modification in Court of Appeals
7.06 Rehearing or Modification in Supreme Court
7.07 Appellate Costs and Fees and Attorney Fees

Transfer to and Review by Supreme Court
Rule Title
8.01 Transfer to Supreme Court on Certificate
8.02 Transfer to Supreme Court on Motion
8.03 Supreme Court Review of Court of Appeals Decision
8.03A Summary Petition for Review
8.03B Exhaustion of State Remedies in Criminal Cases

Original Actions
Rule Title
9.01 Original Action
9.02 Utility Rate Case
9.03 Tax Appeal Case
9.04 Workers Compensation Case

Expedited Appeals
Rule Title
10.01 Expedited Appeal for Waiver of Parental Consent Requirement
10.02 Direct Appeal in Death Penalty Case

Notice Requirements
Rule Title
11.01 Notice to Attorney General of Challenge to Statute or Constitutional Provision