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Rules Adopted by the Supreme Court

Rules Relating to District Courts
Rule Title
  General Principles and Guidelines for the District Courts
  Standards relating to Jury Use and Management

Child Support Guidelines
Rule Title
  Administrative Order No. 307

General and Administrative
Rule Title
  Prefatory Rule
101 Terms of Court
102 Terms of Court - Holidays
103 Required Days of Court
104 Docket Calls
105 Local Rules
106 Court Records
107 Duties and Powers of Chief Judge
108 Reproduction and Disposition of Court Records
109 Supervision and Reporting in Probate Cases
109A Specialty Court
109B Specialty Court Standards
110 CASA Volunteers and Programs
110A Standards for Guardians Ad Litem
110B Court Services Officer Assessment of Adult Offenders

Commencement of Actions, Pleadings, and Related Matters
Rule Title
111 Form of Filing Generally
112 Duty to Provide Address for Service
113 Clerk's Extension
114 Surety on Bond
115 Entry of Appearance
115A Limited Representation
116 Admission Pro Hac Vice of Out-of-State Attorney
117 Withdrawal of Attorney
118 Statement of Damages When Pleading Does Not Demand Specific Amount
119 Fax Filing and Service by Fax
120 Death Penalty Case - Notice to Appellate Court
121 Procedure Under Kansas Standard Asset Seizure and Forfeiture Act, K.S.A. 60-4101 et seq.
122 Electronic Filing and Service by Electronic Means
123 Cover Sheet; Privacy Policy Regarding Personal Identifiers

Motions, Discovery, Pretrial Procedures, and Related Matters
Rule Title
131 Notice of Hearings and Trial Setting
132 Attendance at Default Judgement and Ex Parte Matter
133 Memorandum and Argument on Motion
134 Notice of Ruling
135 Written Discovery: Form and Limitations
136 Discovery Conference
137 Written Communication with Court
138 Opening of Deposition
139 Domestic Relations Affidavit; Support Order and Payment
140 Final Pretrial Conference Procedure
141 Summary Judgment
142 Medical and Professional Malpractice Screening Panels
143 Probate Proceeding: Time for Hearing When Defense to Petition Files
144 Application of Discovery to K.S.A. Chapter 59 Proceeding
145 Use of Telephone or Other Electronic Conference
146 Consolidation of Multidistrict Litigation on Motion of Party
147 Notice of Challenge to Statute or Constitutional Provision in Criminal Case
148 Notice of Challenge to Statute or Constitutional Provision in Civil Case

Trials and Related Matters
Rule Title
161 Courtroom Decorum
162 Conflict in Trial Settings in District Court
163 Ineffective Stipulation
164 Requirement Factual Statements in Divorce, Annulment, and Separate Maintenance Cases
165 Reasons for Decision
166 Time for Ruling on Motion; Matter Taken Under Advisement
167 Use of Juror Questionnaire
168 Closing Argument to Jury
169 Posttrial Communication with Jurors
170 Preparation of Order
171 Bailiff's Oath or Affirmation
172 Expedited Judicial Process; Support; Visitation
173 Expedited Petition for Waiver of Parental Consent Requirement
174 Journal Entry Forms for Child in Need of Care, Juvenile Offender, and Domestic Relations Cases

Post-Trial Matters
Rule Title
181 Post-Trial Calling of Jurors
182 Withdrawal and Disposition of Exhibits
183 Procedure Under K.S.A. 60-1507
184 Annulment of Conviction and Expungement of Record Procedure
185 Limitation on Frequency of Garnishments
186 Satisfation of Money Judgment
187 Taxation of Costs by Clerk
196 Public Access to District Court Electronic Case Records