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Rules Adopted by the Supreme Court


Rule 204
Rules Relating to Discipline of Attorneys

Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys

(a) Purpose. The Supreme Court will appoint a twenty member board to be known as the Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys.

(b) Review Committee. The Board will assign three attorneys, at least two of whom will be members of the Board, as a review committee to review and approve or modify recommendations by the Disciplinary Administrator for dismissals, informal admonitions, and institution of formal charges. The members of the review committee will not participate in any final hearing by the Board, or by a hearing panel appointed by the Board, on any complaint they have reviewed.

(c) Terms. The term of each member will be four years. No member may be appointed to an additional term after the member completes 12 years of service. A board member may return to service on the Board after a one-term break in service. A board member whose term will expire July 1, 2012, and who has completed 12 years of service will be appointed for an additional term of one year.

(d) Chair and Vice-Chair. The Supreme Court will designate one member as chair and another as vice-chair.

(e) Quorum; Limits. The Board may act only with the concurrence of a majority of those present and eligible to vote. Eight members will constitute a quorum. A board member may not take part in a proceeding in which a judge similarly situated would be required to abstain.

(f) Expenses. The per diem and expenses of the members of the Board, review committee, hearing panels, and special prosecutors will be paid out of the funds collected under Rule 208.

(g) Other Rules. The Board may adopt procedural rules consistent with these rules.

[History: Am. May 8, effective July 1, 1978; Am. effective January 8, 1979; Am. (a) effective January 7, 1980; Am (a) and (c) effective July 15, 1987; Am. effective March 1, 1988; Am. (a) effective May 9, 1996; Am. and restyled rule effective August 15, 2012.]

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