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Rules Adopted by the Supreme Court


Rule 210
Rules Relating to Discipline of Attorneys


(a) All investigations, whether upon complaint or otherwise, shall be initiated and conducted by or under the supervision of the Disciplinary Administrator.

(b) The Disciplinary Administrator may call upon any member of the bar of this state or any local or state bar association to investigate or assist in the investigation of any complaint upon the terms and conditions the Disciplinary Administrator shall direct.

(c) Upon the conclusion of an initial investigation, the Disciplinary Administrator shall recommend to the review committee dismissal of the complaint, referral to the Attorney Diversion Program, informal admonition of the attorney concerned, or prosecution of formal charges before a hearing panel. Disposition shall thereupon be made by a majority vote of the review committee, unless it directs further investigation. A complaint shall not be referred for panel hearing, referred to the Attorney Diversion Program, or the discipline of informal admonition imposed unless the review committee finds by a majority vote that there is probable cause to believe there has been a violation of the Attorney's Oath or the disciplinary rules of the Supreme Court.

(d) In the event the review committee directs informal admonition of the attorney involved, the attorney may, by written request directed to the Disciplinary Administrator, request a formal hearing. Thereupon a formal hearing shall be afforded to the attorney as set forth in Rule 211.

(e) If a formal complaint is filed and a hearing before a panel is contemplated, the Disciplinary Administrator shall undertake such additional investigation as may be necessary for a full formal hearing.

[History: Previously Rule 211, Am. effective January 8, 1979; Am. effective January 6, 1984; Am. effective March 1, 1988; Am. (c) effective February 27, 2002.]

See also: Rule 1001 - Electronic and Photographic Media Coverage of Judicial Proceedings