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Rules Adopted by the Supreme Court


Rule 221
Rules Relating to Discipline of Attorneys

Appointment of Counsel to Protect Clients' Interests

(a) When an attorney has been transferred to disability inactive status because of incapacity or disability, or the attorney has disappeared or died, or has been suspended or disbarred and there is evidence the attorney has not complied with Rule 218 or it appears the affairs of his or her clients are being neglected, the administrative judge of the judicial district in which the attorney maintained his or her practice shall appoint an attorney or attorneys to inventory the files of the inactive, disappeared, deceased, suspended, or disbarred attorney and with the approval of the judge take such action as may be necessary to protect the interests of the attorney and the attorney's clients.

(b) Any attorney so appointed shall not disclose any information contained in any files so inventoried except as necessary to carry out the order of the district court.

[History: Previously Rule 222, Am. effective January 8, 1979; Am. effective March 1, 1988.]

See also: Rule 1001 - Electronic and Photographic Media Coverage of Judicial Proceedings