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Rules Adopted by the Supreme Court


Internal Operating Rules of the Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys

B: The Review Committee

(RULE 204, 210)

B.1. The Review Committee of the Board shall be appointed by the Chair and shall consist of the Chair, one other Board member, and one practicing lawyer. The Chair may appoint a temporary member to the Review Committee for a particular case if a Review Committee member has a conflict or for a period of time if a Review Committee member is unable to act.

B.2. The primary function of the Review Committee is to determine if there is probable cause to believe a respondentís conduct violates the Courtís ethical standards and to take appropriate action under Rule 210(c).

B.3. After investigation the Disciplinary Administrator shall submit to each Review Committee member a copy of the docketed complaint together with investigative materials and a recommendation.

B.4. Each Review Committee member shall review the written material and make a recommendation as to the complaintís resolution to the Chair. The Chair shall record the individual recommendations of the Review Committee members. If the recommendations of the Review Committee members are unanimous and in agreement with the Disciplinary Administratorís recommendation then that shall constitute the action of the Review Committee. If any Review Committee members disagree with any other member or with the Disciplinary Administrator, then that complaint shall be resolved by a majority vote of the Review Committee at the next Review Committee meeting.

B.5. The Review Committee shall meet at the call of the Chair who shall designate the time, date, and place of the meeting. Meetings may be conducted by telephone conference. Complaints not acted upon pursuant to B.4. above shall be presented to the Review Committee at its meeting for discussion and resolution.

B.6. At the Review Committee meeting and after oral presentations by the Disciplinary Administrator and deliberation by the Review Committee the Review Committee shall act on each docketed complaint pursuant to Rule 210(c).

B.7. A record reflecting each action of the Review Committee shall be prepared by the Chair and distributed to the Review Committee members and the Disciplinary Administrator.

B.8. The Review Committee, upon a proper showing, may reconsider any decision. After reconsidering an order, the Review Committee may direct any action pursuant to Rule 210(c).

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