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Rules Adopted by the Supreme Court


Internal Operating Rules of the Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys

C: Appointment of Hearing Panels

(Rule 204, 211)

C.1. The Chair shall appoint all Hearing Panel members and designate one of the Board members as the chair, hereafter called the Presiding Officer. A person may not sit on a disciplinary Hearing Panel which involves a complaint presented to the Review Committee while that person was a member of the Review Committee. Review Committee members may sit as a Hearing Panel member in a reinstatement hearing.

C.2. The non-Board member of all Hearing Panels shall be appointed from lawyers licensed, registered as active, and in good standing in Kansas. The Chair shall ensure that as many lawyers as possible participate in the disciplinary process as a Hearing Panel member.

C.3. The Chair shall notify the Disciplinary Administrator and the Hearing Panel members of their appointment to a Hearing Panel. The Disciplinary Administrator shall schedule the hearing and notify the Respondent, the Respondent's counsel, and the Hearing Panel members of the hearing date. The Disciplinary Administrator shall provide the Respondent with the name and address of each Hearing Panel member.

C.4. Copies of the Formal Complaint and the Notice of Hearing shall be sent by the Disciplinary Administrator to each Hearing Panel member and the Chair.

C.5. For good cause shown the Chair may replace a Hearing Panel member.

C.6. In unusual circumstances, if the Disciplinary Administrator and the Respondent agree, the Hearing Panel may consist of two members.

See also: Rule 1001 - Electronic and Photographic Media Coverage of Judicial Proceedings