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Rules Adopted by the Supreme Court


Internal Operating Rules of the Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys

E: The Panel Report

(Rule 211[f])

E.1. The Hearing Panel shall strive to complete the Final Hearing Report as soon as possible after the record has been closed. The writing and filing of the Final Hearing Report is the responsibility of the Presiding Officer. After the Presiding Officer prepares the Final Hearing Report, the Presiding Officer shall submit the report to the other Hearing Panel members for approval. In the event the Presiding Officer failed to write the Final Hearing Report and submit it to the other Hearing Panel members, the Chair shall direct the other Board member of the Hearing Panel to write and submit the Final Hearing Report.

E.2. The Hearing Report shall set forth the appearances, jurisdictional matters, findings of fact, conclusions of law, and the recommendation of discipline of the Disciplinary Administrator, the Respondent, and the Hearing Panel. If mitigating or aggravating circumstances affect the nature or degree of discipline to be imposed or recommended it must be fully set forth in the Hearing Report.

E.3. The A.B.A. Standards for Imposing Lawyer Sanctions may be applied in determining the proper disposition and/or discipline recommended by a Hearing Panel. The Standards may be referenced and discussed in the Hearing Report.

E.4. The original Final Hearing Report shall be forwarded to the Disciplinary Administrator to be filed with the Kansas Supreme Court, as required by Kan.Sup.Ct.R.211(f). The Disciplinary Administrator shall distribute copies to the Respondent, Respondent's counsel, and all other members of the Board.

E.5. Consistency and uniformity in application of the rules of discipline to the individual matters before a Hearing Panel should be considered by the Hearing Panel throughout the disciplinary process.

E.6. All exhibits admitted into evidence shall be retained under the control of the Disciplinary Administrator who shall file them with the Court when required to do so by the disciplinary rules.

See also: Rule 1001 - Electronic and Photographic Media Coverage of Judicial Proceedings