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Rules Adopted by the Supreme Court


Internal Operating Rules of the Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys

F: Reinstatement

(Rule 219)

F.1. After receiving notice from the Court directing that a petition for reinstatement be processed, the Disciplinary Administrator shall conduct an investigation into the petition and the petitionerís character and fitness to practice law.

F.2. After receipt of the Courtís notice the Chair shall appoint a hearing panel as directed in Section C. above to hear the reinstatement petition.

F.3. After the Disciplinary Administrator completes the investigation of petitioner, the matter shall be scheduled for hearing by notice of hearing from the Disciplinary Administrator. The procedures and rules stated in Rule 211 and above in Sections D. and E. apply to reinstatement hearings, unless modified by Rule 219.

F.4. The Hearing Panel shall consider the following twelve factors in reinstatement cases: (1) the Petitionerís present moral fitness; (2) the Petitionerís demonstrated consciousness of the wrongful nature of the conduct and disrepute which the conduct has brought the profession; (3) the extent of Petitionerís rehabilitation; (4) the seriousness of the Petitionerís misconduct; (5) the Petitionerís conduct subsequent to discipline; (6) the time elapsed since the Court imposed the discipline; (7) the Petitionerís character, maturity, and experience at the time of the misconduct; (8) the Petitionerís present competence in legal skills; (9) the Petitionerís compliance with prior orders of the Court; (10) the Petitionerís avoidance of the unauthorized practice of law; (11) the adequacy of the Petitionerís treatment and rehabilitation in regard to any substance abuse, infirmities, or problems; and (12) the Petitionerís attempts to resolve any other complaints.

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