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Rules Open for Public Comment

Proposed Supreme Court Rule 712B and Amended Supreme Court Rules 201, 208, and 712

The Kansas Supreme Court is accepting public comment on proposed Supreme Court Rule 712B, which will establish a process by which nonprofit legal service providers or law school clinics can be approved to use retired, inactive, or single-employer attorneys to provide pro bono services. The rule also identifies the requirements and creates the process for attorneys who wish to provide these services.

Also proposed are amendments to Supreme Court Rules 201, 208, and 712 to reference Rule 712B.

Forms to implement Rule 712B are also open for comment. They are not part of the rule, so they are posted separately.

Comments may be made by email to publiccomments@kscourts.org until 5 p.m. Wednesday, June 19, 2019. The subject line must read "Rule 712B."

Proposed Rule 712B

Proposed forms for Rule 712B